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Here is Jesus A.

About Us

I'm the Owner and founder of NC Handy Services. Our mission is to strive to provide the Top Quality & Reliable services in the Home Service Industry not only in Houston but we are looking foward in the next 5-10 years be all over usa. Not only providing satisfaction to our customer but also making sure they are happy with the service they asked for.

I have been in the service industry for more than 5 years and I made a bold decision to open a business and go 1099 for the past 2 years by providing handyman services. Not only has i been to help more than 500+ customers but also giving other people the opportunity to come worth with us not as an employee but as independent contractor. Everyone that comes on board has to go through a background checked to not only provide a peace of mind to our clients but also to let them know that you are getting a professional at your home and that we will do our very best to complete the job or service you asked for.


We look foward to keep helping more familes with furniture assembly, painting, tv mounting, saferacks installation and the list keep going. There is always room to grow. We are looking for technicians all over houston. We are small now but i believe that one day we will have over 1,000 technicians helping people all over Houston, Tx & Other Cities as well as more states.

We have a philosophy and that is to treat everyone the way we would like us to be treated and that is by providing at all times the best top service wether it is assembly or mounting or painting. Myself and our team will strive to guarantee satisfaction at all times.We appreciate your business and your trust for allowing us to provide home services at your home.

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